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-Cape Disappointment State Park-

Visit one of the most beautiful areas in all of Washington, the Cape Disappointment State Park. Go to the famous lighthouse and see the beautiful coast with the rolling waves as they crash against the rocky shoreline. 

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About the park

The park gets it's unique name from the explorer John Meares in 1788. It was named the "Disappointment", because he was looking for the mouth of a river described by a Spanish explorer Bruno Heceta and was upset he only found a bay. Since being named by the explorer the name stuck along with the nearby Deception Bay, named for the same reason. 

The bay also get its reputation due to it being a graveyard of ships. Its known as one of the most dangerous bays in the Pacific sinking over 2,000 large ships. Because of this the two Cape Disappointment Lighthouse's were built and guided ships for years through the bay. 

Visiting the park 

Come visit the unique and beautiful Cape Disappointment State Park. Visit the two lighthouses for an awesome view of the area. Head on down to the water on the sandy and rocky beaches. Lookout for seagulls and other bay birds who fly along the coast. 

Visit the amazing Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center. See all the exhibits and timeline of the Lewis and Clark journey as they mapped and discovered the area. They have interactive parts and even a short film on the expedition. 

A popular hike is the Discovery Trail. It is a 8.5 mile paved trail perfect for walking dogs, riding bikes or just a fun walk. There is a giant wooden Gray Whale carving, and a huge Gray Whale backbone. At the end of the trial is a memorial where a bronze replica marks where Lewis and Clark finally made it to the Pacific Coast. Come visit the awesome park for a fun time for all. 
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